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Scale Inhibitor

Brine associated with the oil and gas production always have considerable amount of dissolved solids that are happened to form insoluble salt scales with the change in pressure, pH and temperature. Disposal and production wells are always susceptible to scaling in near wellbore region

therefore losses in injectivity and productivity. Frequent stimulation jobs with acid are carried out to maintain the injectivity/productivity rate over 3 or 6 months’ period depending on the scaling tendency of the injected brine.

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Continuous injection of scale inhibitor in water disposal wells and squeeze in production wells is an economic solution to maintain the injectivity/productivity of well over a long period of time. The scale inhibitor, if properly selected, benefits the operator with highly effectiveness against most scales including calcite (CaCO3), gypsum (CaSO4•2H2O), anhydrite (CaSO4), barite (BaSO4) and celestite (SrSO4) under different conditions.
Black Gold Production with several years’ experience in providing specialty chemicals used in oil and gas industry has introduced the range of high effective scale inhibitors against various type of scales. BGP’s products are classified according to the type of scales. Generally, these scale are classified into two categories of sulfate and carbonate scales. Given that their sulfate scales are classified, then the scales type should be determined in the laboratory and according to the scales type, the inhibitor should be selected with the best performance and in terms of concentration use is also optimized. The BGP’s scale inhibitors have inhibition efficiency above 90%.